• Tukej

    Is a projects group, with movable ‘content’, changing in response to needs and challenges. Constant in group are Justyna Kucharczyk and Agnieszka Nawrocka. Collaborating most often are Anna Kimta and Andrzej Sobaś. We live in Silesia and TUKEJ means ‘here’. We design visual information systems, whole identities and other, pleasant project activities. All of us are connected to ASP, we are more than happy to share our experience and knowledge. What is important in our work for us is to look for custom measured solutions and responding to needs, and what we love to be surprised.  We pay a lot of attention to analysis, defining place contexts, we often work with experts in the field of sociology and psychology. We are not orthodox but the function and the user are always in the first place. Projecting is what we really like to do and what makes us happy.